Sonntag, 04. Juni 2023

Breaking borders to build bridges. 20 years of fighting for refugee women’s* rights

14:00 Uhr
Women in Exile
edition assemblage

With the book Breaking borders to build bridges, Women in Exile creates once more a space for voices that are often silenced, voices speaking about 20 years of political activism in a self-organized initiative of refugee women. It is collectively written by Women in Exile and includes contributions by members of the group, their friends, sisters, children, and supporters. It is written on smartphones, paper or laptops, in refugee camps and safe spaces. The publication talks about their history and how they came together as a group. How they have built intersectional bridges within the group and beyond, bridges of solidarity that they keep on building despite their differences. This book gives insights into issues that have been accompanying the group over the years: reasons to leave home, the discriminatory asylum process, the situation in the refugee camps and the struggle for the abolishment of camps, the right to health care, freedom of movement, empowerment, self-reflection, cooperation with friends, and about renting their own safer space for refugee women.

Members of Women in Exile, an initiative of refugee women founded in Brandenburg (Germany) in 2002 to fight for refugee women’s rights, will join Linke Buchtage 2023 to read and to discuss about fleeing, surviving, the situation in refugee camps, and organizing for 20 years as a group of refugee women for freedom of movement and the abolishment of refugee camps.

The event will be held in English.

The book was published at edition assemblage.